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The Healing Power of Nature

About Midlife Journeys

For many people, midlife is a time of transformation, a time of seeking greater purpose, joy and meaning in the second half of life. Midlife Journeys is a monthly newsletter designed to support you in reconnecting with your authentic self and energizing your life through deep self-nurturing, creative expression and heart-centered living. Each issue contains inspiration and resources to help guide you on your journey to greater aliveness, joy and fulfillment.

Coming in September:

Bittersweet New Beginnings: When Your Child Leaves Home. Are you facing an empty or partially empty nest? Get the support you need for this bittersweet transition from a small group of like-hearted parents and receive valuable coaching on the challenges and opportunities of this new chapter in your life. This is a 10-week group coaching program. Register under Upcoming Events.

Women's Sacred Journeys 3: Autumn Workshop. Come celebrate the magnificent and abundant expressions of autumn through an inspired blending of yoga, meditation, movement, inner journeys and sacred ceremony. With Carol Sutherland and Mary Donovan. Register under Upcoming Events.

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The Healing Power of Nature

i thank you God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky;and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes
--e.e. cummings

I have always felt deeply inspired and refreshed by nature. As I get further into midlife, I feel an even more personal connection with the natural world.

Times in solitude, particularly in nature, allow us to renew and regenerate our own natures. Being in abundant greenery is refreshing and healing.

Listening to the natural sounds of ocean waves crashing, the gentle breeze in the trees, the birds or other small creatures rustling in the bush, or a stream flowing nearby calms and renews our souls.

Seeing a wide open sky, a vast expanse of ocean or a wide, majestic landscape expands our vision beyond our everyday focus. It touches our spirit and awakens our senses.

I am fortunate to live near the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Almost every morning, I walk a winding path on a bluff overlooking Santa Monica Bay. It brings me right to gratitude and is an exhilarating way to greet the day. Each day offers a different panorama of colors and textures in the sky and sea-a
truly inspiring masterpiece!

One way to deepen our connection with nature is to pay attention to how our natural rhythms mirror the cycles of nature throughout the year.

In September, we celebrate the Autumn Equinox (this year on September 23rd). It is a time of balance between light and dark and of going within. It is a good time for balancing our inner natures.

Below are eight healing principles, used in the majority of the world's cultures, which sustain health and well-being (from Angeles Arrien, The Four- Fold Way):

1.Balanced diet
2.Daily exercise
3.Time for fun, play and laughter
4.Music and/or chanting
5.Love, touch, and support systems
6.Engagement in interests, hobbies and creative purpose
7.Nature, beauty, and healing environments
8.The presence of faith and belief

This Autumn, I invite you to consider: Where could you bring greater balance to your life? How could you do this in the most loving, self-supportive way?

Many blessings and Happy Autumn!


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Womens Sacred Journeys
Autumn Workshop Sat., Sept. 23, 2006, 7:00-9:30 pm

Group Coaching
Bittersweet New Beginnings: When Your Child Leaves Home Wednesdays, Sept. 27 - Dec. 6, 2006, 7:00-9:00pm


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