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Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach
University of Santa Monica, MA (Spiritual Psychology)
UCLA, PhD and MPH (Public Health)
UC Berkeley, BA (Anthropology )

Carol's Resume

Midlife Transformation

My midlife journey began in my late-30s when I embarked on a new life as a divorced single parent. Through many ups and downs, I learned how to balance being a single mom, making a living and exploring new relationships, while healing lifelong behavior patterns that were no longer serving me. I participated in a wide variety of personal growth workshops, classes and seminars as well as individual psychotherapy which gave me a great deal of insight and new ways of approaching life and relationships. I also deepened my yoga and meditation practices which continue to be sources of deep inspiration.

In my late 40's and early 50's, I found myself facing a new set of midlife transformations. I was definitely experiencing a changing body and the hormonal imbalances related to menopause. I had raised two wonderful daughters and was now facing an empty nest, an unexpectedly grief-inducing milestone in my parenting. I had had a successful 15 year career as a project director and most recently executive director in non-profit organizations. Yet I found myself yearning to use my talents and passions for something more personally meaningful.

When my last job ended, it was the first time in my life I didn't have the next thing lined up. Facing the unknown, I chose to view my situation as a gift, an opportunity to figure out what I really wanted to do with this next chapter of my life. Listening to my heart and paying attention to the guidance I was receiving from inner and outer sources, I discovered the profession of life coaching and embarked on an amazing journey through which I am now living a life more true to myself than ever before. I feel engaged in living my purpose and energized about the second half of my life. This journey has brought me new meaning, direction, energy and balance. In my mid-50's, again following my heart, I moved from Santa Monica, CA, my home for 50 plus years, to Marin County.  I am now blessed to live in a home of my dreams, a charming little cottage by a creek surrounded by Marin's spectacular natural beauty.  And Life continues to bring surprises and unexpected turns in the road, some challenging, many delightful, and all used intentionally for my continued, lifelong growth and learning.   

From Inside Out
On my journey, I have learned to trust my heart and to deepen my faith in the process of Life.
I have learned to listen to my own inner wisdom and to cultivate a loving relationship with the wisdom of my body. I have made room for quiet time, self-reflection, feeling my feelings, having fun with my family and friends. All activities that used to be at the bottom of my To Do list! I am treating myself with more loving-kindness and self-forgiveness and pursuing a life I had previously only dreamed about. For the first time, I am actually living the ideals and principles I had been studying for years!

The Lessons of Life
I value the life experiences I have had as a woman at this time in history, raising two wonderful and healthy daughters, navigating a long term marriage and divorce and several subsequent relationships. I have been an inspiring and productive leader in various non-profit settings. I have worked with women's health issues, smoking, cancer, community health and early childhood issues.

I have learned a lot about managing time, people, finances and multiple projects; balancing personal, family and work life; being accountable; listening deeply and communicating effectively with people; negotiation and diplomacy; strategic planning; the power of intentions and goals as well as trusting the process and mystery of Life; and prioritizing what's really important.

I am now living those priorities and a much simpler, less stressful and more joyful life of my own making. This potential for a joyful and deeply fulfilling life is what I have to offer my coaching clients.

Carol Sutherland, PhD, MA
Life Coach


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