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Individual Coaching

Discovery Session: a one time two-hour initial session

Monthly Coaching:
four weekly sessions


Your Heart's Desire: Creating A Life You Love in Midlife and Beyond

Imagine giving yourself permission to pursue a heartfelt dream you didn't think possible.  Perhaps you'd like to try a new career direction, attract a loving partner, pursue an untapped creative yearning or travel to new destinations. Or maybe you'd really like to simplify your life and enjoy greater peace and balance.  This is your opportunity, in an intimate and supportive group, to unleash your creative powers and remove any blocks that may be keeping you from living a life you truly love.  And if you don't know what your heart's desire is, this is a great time to find out!

An 8-week workshop.

Conscious Aging Workshop

What would it be like to experience midlife not as a crisis but as a time of awakening to who you really are, a time to live more authentically and creatively?  Explore the possibilities, share your stories, challenges and wisdom with a small group of like-hearted people and become the conscious author of the second half of your precious life. 

An 8-week workshop.

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"Carol, you are wonderful!  You bring a sense of peace with you and your insights are so right on and inspiring.  I have learned so much about myself and how to take a new look at how I view life and those around me.  Thank you!"

-V.O., Los Angeles

"Carol's faith in the manifestation of all of the group members' dreams was contagious.  It helped me to stop blaming other people and circumstances for my own limiting, self-restricting views. [I'm taking away] the value of my longing to be in touch with my creative side and remembering how powerful our words, visions and projections are."

-D.D.K., Beverly Hills

The Coaching Relationship

Our coaching relationship is Co-Creative - we are equal partners and both have an active role. Together we create more positive energy to help you clarify what's really important to you and take effective action toward your goals.

Coaching results will depend on your choices and actions, supported by the coaching process. I serve as an objective sounding board, an accountability partner, and an inspirational guide for the journey.

Through our coaching relationship, you can expect to:

  • gain clarity about your life purpose
  • discover what's really important to you and take action that supports your true intentions and goals
  • find guidance and support for fulfilling your dreams and aspirations
  • free your creative expression
  • energize and enhance an existing relationship or attract a new, more fulfilling relationship
  • make meaningful personal changes that reduce stress, simplify your life, and release your joy and passion

Individual coaching

I offer my services on a monthly retainer basis which includes:

  • Four 45-60 minute weekly phone sessions each month
  • Additional coaching support is available through email exchanges between sessions

A three-month minimum is recommended to initiate dynamic progress. At the end of three months, we'll discuss progress and next steps.


Several times a year, I offer workshops for women in midlife. Be inspired, share support and get some valuable coaching with a small group of like-hearted women on the challenges and opportunities that emerge in midlife.

How and where does the coaching taking place?

Sample sessions and the initial 2-hour Discovery Session can be done either in person or by phone. Our regular coaching sessions occur once a week in person or by phone at a mutually convenient time. Phone sessions focus the session on what's most important and offer both privacy and convenience. Group coaching takes place in person.

How long does the coaching relationship last?

Individual clients can work with me for a significant period - several months to several years. A minimum of three months is recommended to initiate dynamic progress towards your goals. My clients often find ongoing value in having an objective sounding board, an accountability partner, and an inspirational guide along their journey.

How is coaching different from therapy?

The therapeutic relationship tends to view the therapist as the expert and the client as needing psychological help.  On the other hand, the coaching relationship is collaborative, with client and coach as equal partners.

While therapy tends to be feeling oriented, coaching is action oriented. Psychotherapy is more about helping people heal their emotional wounds.  While emotional healing can occur as part of the coaching process, coaching is not for people who need help, but for people who want help in creating a more balanced, joyful and fulfilling life. 

Coaching is about helping people achieve their highest level of fulfillment, happiness and success. Coaches work with relatively "healthy" individuals to help them learn, grow, expand and create the lives they truly desire. 

For more information, contact Carol.

Coaching Ethics and Confidentiality


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